Frosted Petal
With magazine pictures of the bouquets you want to recreate in hand, you
head out to your local craft stores in search of the perfect how-to book and
materials.  Looking endlessly, aisle by aisle, you notice that most of the silk
flowers are cheap looking, overpriced, and not even close to your color
scheme.  You have better luck finding a "how to" book, but it's just not
descriptive enough.  After all, this is your wedding and you want every detail
to be perfect...and you won't settle for anything less!

Not ready to give up, you keep looking and end up finding a few flowers that
could work with your color scheme.  Unfortunately, there aren't enough in
stock or maybe they're on clearance and what they have is all they'll ever
have!  Or maybe there are enough...but you just don't know exactly how
many to purchase.  After all, you don't want to run short, but don't want to
have too many left over either.
You finally return home, exhausted and overwhelmed, with nothing to show
except for the magazine pictures of your dream bouquet.

Sounds frustrating, doesn't it?

You've just read how frustrating and time consuming it can be when
preparing to make your own wedding flowers...and this isn't even the
assembly process yet!  I'm here to tell you that
it doesn't have to be like

So what next?

I'd like to show you to an easier way!  Making your own flowers doesn't
have to be frustrating.  In fact, I can show you how it can be simple, fun,
fabulous, and save you money!  Let me introduce you to my comprehensive
D-I-Y Wedding Flower System:
"Insider Secrets to Creating the
Wedding Flowers of Your Dreams".
 It'll have you on your way to
creating the perfect flowers in no time, without the stress or frustration!
Insider secrets that have taken
years to compile!
"Insider Secrets...
to Creating the Wedding Flowers of Your
DIY Wedding Flower System
Simple. Fun. Fabulous

Now you can learn how to make your own
gorgeous wedding flowers, under the
guidance of an Expert Silk Florist.
You're in luck!
They're now available
for Do-It-Yourself Brides just like you!
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