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We will be phasing out our wedding deliveries and set up availability, effectively immediately.
If you’re currently booked, no worries, as ALL wedding orders will be filled & delivered as
originally agreed upon!

We will still be available for select weddings,
if you are comfortable with picking up your order.
This would need to be done on Thursday or Friday and stored until your wedding day.
You would also be responsible for set up and returning any rentals.

If you are still interested in delivery, we currently have a few openings for the
following 2018 weekends: April 28th, May 12th, June 16th & July 7th
{More availability MAY open up, please contact us}

Once filled, we will no longer be taking on deliverable wedding orders after 2018!
Cakes & Sweets

We No Longer Offer Floral Designs...

However, we still have several remaining pre-made pieces
and wedding bouquets for sale at amazing discounts!

Check out the links below to view our remaining designs:

PreMade Wedding Bouquets

PreMade Designs for the Home

Do It Yourself Ebook