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Flowers That Will Tickle You Pink!
Shhh...We won't tell if you don't!  With flowers that look this
real, no one will be the wiser...
Forget about the dime store quality & everything else you've seen or
even your guests will be caught sniffing them!  In fact, when
attending bridal shows, someone always seems to stop by to "smell
the roses" in my booth!

Other Names For Silk Flowers
Silk flowers can also be referred to as permanent botanicals, artificial flowers,
or fake flowers.

What Are Silk Flowers Made Of?
Today's silk flowers have advanced so much in their natural appearance that
even the most detailed person has to look twice in order to tell they're not
real.  This is due to the fact that today's silk flowers are made out of polyester,
foam, latex, and other materials, making them super realistic in look and feel.  
Today's versions are beyond incredible!

Different Qualities Of Silk Flowers
If you've ever browsed your local department store for silk flowers, you've no
doubt noticed that they come in many varieties.  But did you also know that
they come in a variety of
qualities as well?   Silk flowers range from very low
quality to high end.  You can tell the difference in one glance, because low
quality silk flowers fall apart easily and have visible plastic parts.  Higher end
versions  have realistic looking stems and leaves, and sometimes even feel
real when touched.  If you're looking for realism, these are the ones to choose.

What We Use
At The Frosted Petal, we use only the highest quality silk flowers...and it
shows!  When our florist first started making silk floral arrangements in 1995,
she used the best quality of flowers available on the market.  Today is no
exception.  Our florist makes purchases from several different vendors to
ensure variety and quality in every design.  In fact, the majority of flowers she
uses can't be found in the average department store.

Our wedding bouquets are primarily made from "Fresh Touch" type flowers,
which are considered "the cream of the crop" in the permanent botanical
world.  Our Everyday arrangements are primarily made from high end silk
flowers, using middle grades as fillers only, to keep costs down.

How Much Do Silk Flowers Cost Versus Fresh?
Silk flowers are an investment.  The price of  high quality silk flowers is close
in comparison to fresh flowers; however, once you add the cost of constant
replenishing or preservation, fresh flowers far exceed the initial investment of
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Versatility Of Silk Flowers
Silk flowers need little care and last for generations.  They can also be passed
down from generation to generation...a tradition that has recently resurfaced.

If you ever tire of your floral arrangement, the stems can easily be reused to
create new floral arrangements.  This makes them both practical &
Silk Flower Quality
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Other silk flowers won't look this
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